The Smugglers - Selling The Sizzle
Lookout & Mint  (1996)
Punk, Rock

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CD    16 tracks  (52:32) 
   01   To Serve, Protect And Entertain             01:39
   02   Especially You             01:58
   03   Bishy-Bishy!             02:05
   04   Big Trouble             02:38
   05   She Ain't No Egyptian             02:28
   06   Death Of A Romantic             02:17
   07   The Dedication             02:37
   08   I Need A Vacation             02:13
   09   The B 'n' I             02:25
   10   Pick 'em Up Truck             02:08
   11   Queasy             01:49
   12   Bad Guys             01:53
   13   Dusty's Lament             01:17
   14   Reno Nickel             03:07
   15   Barkerville             07:20
   16   Bonus Track             14:38
Personal Details
Purchase Date 01/04/2011
Price £2.99
Owner Garry Benfold
Location Home
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Original Release Date 1996
Cat. Number LK-136CD/MRD-016
UPC (Barcode) 718752030229
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
First listen: Generic, somewhat boring pop-punk that all the little kiddies will go crazy for on the account that they're on Lookout Records. One would think that a ten plus year career of a band could either improve them musically or are too stubborn to realize that their hey day was a long time ago. Second listen: Man, if this isn't the perfect party record for any occasion -- birthday, social get together, Hanukkah, whatever -- then put Dick Clark back in his cryogenics chamber and cancel New Year's cause this rocks. The Smugglers know how to have a good time in that classic oldies, "doo-whoop, " pop-punk influence without the squeeky clean image. It's almost as if they could have been the perfect house band for "Arnolds" while showing The Fonze a thing or two. And a note to all the vegans in the house: the grease soaked hambergers wont slide off of the cover, remember it's only harmless artwork. ~ Mike DaRonco (cdUniverse)